Couple Phones 9-1-1 For Help To Get Out Of “Locked” Closet, Which Had No Locks

The Orlando Sentinel reports that a man and woman phoned 9-1-1 after believing they were locked in a janitor’s closet for two days at Daytona State College Marine and Environmental Science Center.

The door reportedly had no locks.  But the couple was arrested for various things including trespassing. And scouring pads used to smoke crack were allegedly found in the closet. As a result, we have:

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. How ironic is it that this all happened at a “Science Center?” Rule of science number one: before you phone the police, check whether facts support your scientific hypothesis that you are locked in a closet.

2. Hey 9-1-1 operators, if someone calls and tells you they are locked in a closet, shouldn’t the first question be: does the door open when you turn the handle? And the second bit of advice involve trying “pushing,” and if that doesn’t work “pulling?” We bet Halle Berry would have even suggested that in the Call.

3. Ok, Orlando Sentinel, you reported that scouring pads often used to smoke crack were found in a janitor’s closet. We believe in innocent-until-proven-guilty, but is it not fair to say that scouring pads may routinely be found in janitor’s closets for legit reasons? That said, if the couple was more resourceful, they may have been able to scour the imaginary locks off the door in the two days they were trapped there.

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