Attention, Capitalism! We Want To Head To Swedish Clothing Giant H&M To Buy Silver Robotic-Wear To Match Sweden’s Silver Medal In Men’s Hockey.

Canada has defeated Sweden 3-0 to win the men’s hockey gold medal.

Three Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Did IKEA create the instructions to assemble Team Sweden? Could this be why the box the team came in was found to be missing three “goal” parts at the end, right after you thought the entire team was assembled?

 2. Did Swedish automaker Volvo expect this outcome when they created a silver logo and proudly displayed a silver-looking vehicle on their web pageIf so, good job at predicting the future!

3. If Swedes are so good at predicting the future, why isn’t Swedish clothing mega-giant selling silver robotic-wear on its web site right now? Who doesn’t want robotic fast fashion for a low price? We know we do. Perhaps we will have to wait until the 2018 Winter Olympics to see the robots play ice hockey.

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  1. Canadians don’t split their time between learning hockey and cross-country skiing/shooting.


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