3 More Anti-Man-Spreading Slogans We Propose

Yesterday, we wrote about “manspreading,” the act of men taking up multiple public transit chairs by sitting with their legs spread apart.

There are campaigns out there to try to end this practice, but we have some more slogans of our own…

1.  Stop spreading the news. (Unless the news is you’re leaving all subways in New York, New York, today.)

2.  If people were betting on how likely you are to attract a love interest on the train, the point spread between you and the considerate person actually sitting next to a woman, would be greater than the distance between your legs.

3.  If you try this wearing a kilt, you may be arrested and forced to ride for eternity in a subway car full of busking bagpipers, where you will enjoy loud bagpiping on every future commute.

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