Men Claim Medical Issues Require Them To Sit With Their Legs Spread Wide Open On Subways

Yahoo reports that “manspreading,” the act of a man sitting on a subway seat with his legs spread far apart, taking up two seats, is an epidemic being dealt with in campaigns across North America.

A group of protestors claim they need to sit this way for medical reasons, but according to a doctor, absent a hernia, or recent surgery, there is no legitimate medical reason to sit this way.

3 New Suggested Campaign Slogans Against Man-Spreading

1. “Wearing jeans that are too tight and man-spreading is a public health issue. For anyone who becomes ill looking at you.”

2. “The 1970s called. They want their overly tight pants back. They also want to know what that bulging thing is in your pocket, as the 1970s called from a rotary phone, and don’t know what smart phones are.”

3. “Warning: kids from comedy movie trailers who hit men in the groins will be playing soccer on this train, and likely using your knees as the goal posts.”

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