Baseball Looking At Ways To Make Game Shorter, According To Long Article

According to the Bleacher Report, Major League Baseball is testing new ways to make baseball games shorter.

Included: limiting the number of mound visits; shortening the time between innings; shortening pitcher warm-up time; and using a pitch clock, presumably similar to a basketball shot clock.

3 Ways We Suggest To Make Baseball Games Shorter

1. Home Run derby instead of extra innings. If you just sat through a long game that resulted in no outcome, let’s force something exciting to happen. And nothing is more exciting than being able to leave the stadium that stopped serving beer after the seventh inning.

2. Rain delays replaced with slippy slide mascot race around the bases to determine the winner. Because nobody cares enough about baseball to sit through rain, especially a mascot in a sopping wet suit.

3. Relief pitchers arrive on mound via human cannon. You’ve been firing T-Shirts and hot dogs from cannons, for years, baseball. It seems safe to say fans like cannons.

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