It’s About Time Someone Made More Movies To Sell Toys

The Wall Street Journal reports that Hasbro is in “early talks” to acquire Shrek-film-studio Dreamworks Animation. This is not the first time we’ve made fun of Hasbro-toys to movies. You can check out older articles about this here and here.

3 More Hasbro Products We’d Like To See Made Into Movies

1. Sorry! The Board game. A family with bowling-pin-shaped bodies navigate Canada, where they continually bump into other people, requiring them to say “sorry” to blend in.

2. Nerf Zombie Strike Defender. All you suckers in zombie TV shows who have been driving spikes through zombies have totally been doing it wrong, as this action flick will show. Rated G for everyone, because nobody gets hurt, except a really uncoordinated kid who is allergic to Nerf pellets.

3. Play-Doh. The movie would star live-action Play-Doh cans called the Doh-Dohs. (According to Wikipedia this is the real current mascot). The epic will feature the cans containing Greeks (made of Play-Doh) who are hiding inside with hopes of destroying the city of Troy. Not recommended for children due to boringness of a toy that teaches history.

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