3 Ways We Speculate Removing The Trump Name From A Casino May Be Destructive

Casino.org reports that cash-strapped Trump Entertainment is fighting Donald Trump to keep the Trump name on the Trump Taj Mahal, which is currently scheduled to close in November.  Trump Entertainment, which is not owned by Donald Trump argues that removing the Trump brand name would be “destructive.”

Wait – Donald Trump actually wants his name removed from something? How can this be? And how can this be “destructive?” We can only guess, so here are…

3 Ways We Speculate This May Be Destructive

1. Those who fear Trump may ever run for office want to use the building as a birth certificate proving he was actually born in India.

2. Need to remind gamblers of the recently shuttered Trump Plaza, because gamblers love to gamble at a house that is cash-strapped.

3. The Trump name has become synonymous with the kind of quality discerning television viewers demand, including a reality show that Trump consistently calls #1 on TV, if by “#1” he means “Number one at self-promotion ignoring Neilsen ratings.”

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  1. It is a #1 show featuring Donald Trump.


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