Solar Flares May Mess With GPS, So Good Luck Finding Your Car, With Your iPhone Locked Inside

Yahoo News Digest reports that a sunspot has caused solar flares which “could affect GPS communications.”

3 Frequently Asked Questions That We Expect Will Arise From This Story

1. “Does this mean Twitter might post I’m in North Korea when I’m really in South Korea? And will this cause problems when I try to clear Customs when I return to Miami?” If you’re lucky, when you arrive at U.S. Customs, you can send a Tweet, showing you are really in Cuba, and they will believe that you weren’t in North Korea. If you’re unlucky, they will arrest you for being in Cuba and Miami at the same time.

2. “Where am I? Seriously, you would think I would know how to drive from home to work, but I really am that dependent on technology. I don’t even remember anyone’s phone numbers anymore, because they’re all programmed in my phone, which incidentally died, also due to this solar flare.” Clearly you need to find a phone booth and phone a friend to give you guidance.

3. “Will this impact my viewing of Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN? Oh I’m just kidding because the show had the word ‘GPS’ in it. Hey where did the show go?” Solar flares may also disrupt satellite signals. And kudos on the least serious Fareed Zakaria reference ever made.

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