Swedish Police Convert Alcohol Into Water

The Local reports that a Swedish man had many bottles of alcohol from his home confiscated in 2007 by the police, who suspected him of breaking alcohol laws after returning from Germany with large quantities of alcohol.

The charges were dropped years later. But when the police returned the confiscated booze, many of the vodka bottles had been returned filled with water. Don’t worry, they reportedly paid him a settlement after the discovery.

3 Explanations We Speculate How Vodka Turned Into Water

1. Swedish police made error interpreting IKEA instructions of how to assemble shelves to store the bottles without drinking the contents and refilling the bottles with water.

2. Swedish police dared to turn wine and all alcohol into water in tribute to Jesus’ water-and-wine work.

3. Man also bought German made Brita water-filters, forgetting he had installed them in vodka bottles.

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