U.S. Senators Urge Burger King To Not Move Head Office To Canada

Yahoo News Digest reports that a group of U.S. Senators are urging Burger King to not move its tax domicile to Canada by acquiring coffee chain Tim Hortons.

3 More Places We Urge Burger King Not To Move Its Head Office

1.  Wherever the guy who used to play the creepy “King” in Burger King ads lives. And if we know anything about horror movies, that’s the back seat of your car: a terrible place for a corporate headquarters. Or is it? You can totally drive your headquarters to whatever country you want and pay whatever taxes you want.*

2. The set of the 1997 movie “Good Burger.” As far as we’re considered, Keenan Thompson, is the King of that location. Also, as far as we’re concerned, if you got this reference, without using the IMDB, you are awesome.

3. To whatever U.S. state will offer the most subsidies and tax breaks to have Burger King call its state home. Hey, states, if you just stopped competing with each other, maybe you’d have some tax revenue. Sure, this may require states that have lots of oil to have the same tax rate as states that have lots of homes deserted after people stopped buying cars due to high oil prices. But isn’t that a system worth considering instead of some nomadic king mascot roaming from country to country?

*may require barge.


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