3 Places We’d Like To See Burger King Move Its Headquarters

Yesterday, we wrote about some U.S. senators warning Burger King not to move its headquarters to Canada.

Here are 3 places we’d like to see the company move its headquarters:

1. In the Palisades neighborhood of DC. What Senator wouldn’t want a Burger King headquarters, complete with test drive-thru, right next door to his multi-million dollar home and the Potomac River? Added bonus: if taxes get to high here, Burger King can sail down the river to a lower tax state.

2. Some cattle ranch in the Prairies. Once those cattle start applying for prime corporate jobs, we imagine we will see some big changes at Burger King!

3. Sarah Palin’s house in Alaska. Everyone knows you can see Russia from Alaska. But fewer people know you can see Canada, too. What a view! Just build the headquarters on ice, out of ice, and you can slide it into whatever territory has the lowest tax rate at any moment, just like Burger King slider burgers!

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