Kid Drawing Hair And Other Changes On Father’s Passport Not Helpful To Hair Growth Or Travel

The New York Daily news reports that a man from China may be stranded in South Korea after his son drew animals in ink all over his passport. And added more hair to the photo. And colored in his eyes.

3 More Things To Write On A Passport To Strand You In South Korea

1. Answer to local newspaper’s crossword scrawled over exit visa.

2. Add more statistics to your photo, including batting average, homeruns, and stolen bases. If your stats are good, they might draft you to a Korean baseball team.

3. Words “I still still know what you did last summer” in red ink. Sorry, Jennifer Love Hewitt, this will not revive the franchise, unless the Customs Officer spent last summer crying that you weren’t on the Maxim Hot 100 list, where you apparently currently reside.

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