Toronto Mayor Ford Spotted In Ontario Cottage Country Walmart

The Toronto Sun reports that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who has reportedly been in rehab, was spotted shopping Saturday afternoon in a cottage country Walmart, by the publisher of a Muskoka magazine owned by the Toronto Sun.

The Mayor, who was wearing a suit without tie, reportedly explained:

“… he’d prefer not to be wearing his ‘monkey suit’ on such a beautiful day, but as mayor of Toronto he has to dress appropriately when he’s out and about.”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. The admitted crack-using, often red-faced Mayor of Toronto dresses up to go to Walmart? Suddenly this brings everyone on the “People Of Walmart” web site wearing thongs while shopping to a new low.

2. What are the odds that a division of the Toronto Sun would find this story about Rob Ford, a politician who has often been supported by the Toronto Sun? Normally we might be cynical about a politician randomly “running into” a member of the media, but since Ford has proven anyone with an iPhone in a 24-hour fast food restaurant can be an instant “member of the media,” we can’t be 100% cynical. (Since it is Walmart we are only allowed to be 97.77% cynical.)

3. Why wasn’t Rob Ford wearing a real monkey suit to add to the comedic value of this story? This is what happens when you send Rob Ford into Walmart sober, and it’s not Halloween. And, alas, since Toronto’s municipal election is October 27, Torontonians just might not get to see this comedic dream image in the future before casting their deciding votes.


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