3 Embarrassing Images We’d Like To Email To Myspace

Mashable reports that Myspace is emailing old photos of people with the hopes of luring them back to the once popular social networking site, apparently through potential embarrassment.

From the article:

“The emails include one or two old photos and a line that reads, ‘The good, the rad and the what were you thinking…’ along with a link that takes users to their profile.”

So, obviously, if you get an embarrassing email from Myspace, you should email one back. We suggest the following:

3 Embarrassing Images We’d Like To Email To Myspace

1. A video clip from the movie the Social Network when Justin Timberlake suggests that “the Facebook” lose the “the.” Only we would dub over it, using our best JT impersonation, “Lose the ‘My’… and the ‘space’… and yes I know this is a jerk thing to say, since I, Justin Timberlake co-own 2014 Myspace.”

2. Graph of value of Myspace between $580 million sale to News Corp. and $35 million purchase by Justin Timberlake’s ownership group.

3. Screenshot of Alexa traffic rankings showing that as the 380th most popular web site in the United States, Myspace, ranks just several spots behind the web site for Bed Bath & Beyond. And as “Shower Curtain Liners” is a current popular category on the latter site, that certainly is embarrassing for Myspace as we’re sure they’d like someone to buy them a shower curtain to hide behind.



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