Observation Deck Glass Designed To Crack

CNN reports that earlier this week, visitors to the observatory of Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) were surprised to hear cracking sounds and look down and see cracking glass on a 103 story glass-lookout floor that people were standing on.

Not to worry! Nobody was hurt. This was just cosmetic glass that covers the real glass that can hold 5 tons.

From the article:

“…the coating keeps the glass from being scratched… ‘The protective layer did exactly what it was supposed to do,’ [an official said]…”

3 Things We Wonder About The Protective Glass’ Purpose

1. What exactly was it supposed to do? Teach kids who jump up-and-down on glass floors a lesson: don’t jump up and down on glass. If so, any kids observing the cracks may have said “Mission Accomplished.”

2. Is the protective layer supposed to crack and make news headlines? Why hasn’t anyone asked the protective layer for a comment, since its purpose seems to be to demand attention?

3. Hey, Protective Glass Layer – do you do winter work on icy lakes? If so, maybe it’s time to reconsider a new career. Have you considered being stunt glass in movies?

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  1. I think that protective layer should do the honorable thing and resign.

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