Blackberry Ponders Changing To Android. Here’s 3 More Things We Wonder If They Are Pondering…

The Register reports that Blackberry is “pondering” installing an Android operating system called “Chocolate Factory” on its phones. What else could they be pondering? We have some guesses…

1. Boosting revenues by having kids sell chocolate baked goods on their neighborhood lawns in Texas. Bad idea! Read our entry from yesterday about Texas police shutting down a lemonade stand.

2. Just manufacturing devices shaped like the Blackberry Classic made out of chocolate with “natural blackberry flavors.” Who wouldn’t want to pull out a chocolate blackberry at a meeting and eat it? We’d wager more people than the numbers who’d want an electronic Blackberry.

3. Making the physical keyboard bigger. After all, iPhone and Samsung are making bigger phones with bigger screens and hence bigger virtual keyboards.  Anyone old enough to buy a new Blackberry would probably appreciate the larger keys that are easier on the eyes.  Just be sure that only the keyboard is bigger, and that our new proposed device somehow has a smaller screen.

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