350 Pound Man Cut Off At All You Can Eat Fish Fry

A 350 pound, 6’6″ tall man was cut off at an all you can eat fish fry restaurant near Milwaukee after eating twelve pieces of fish.  According to the news report, which can be viewed here, the man was a problem customer, who had not paid a long-running tab at the restaurant, and was given eight additional pieces of fish and sent on his way.  Which caused him to call the police, and create a telling picket sign (see photo below) to picket the restaurant.

In case you have trouble reading his sign, that’s obviously because fish oil helps vision and you must have inferior vision to the sign-maker who can put back 20 pieces of fish and still not be satisfied.  Anyway, it appears to say “Poor Business Practices.” Could this situation be worse?  Of course!  That’s why you’re reading NotTheWorstNews.com! So keep reading to see…

3 Worse Things That Could Happen At An All You Can Eat Fish Fry

1.  You could be a first-year student in a University of Wisconsin “Introduction To Great Business Practices” course, working your way through your degree by frying fish at a local restaurant.  Since you’re so busy working, drinking the occasional Milwaukee’s Best, and applying aloe to fish-fry burns you barely know what the professor looks like.  Turns out it’s this angry customer, and he will now ensure that you fail the course.  That’s what you get for sitting at the back of the class and not eating enough fish oil to help your vision!

2.  You could be a first-year student in a University of Wisconsin “Introduction To Great Business Practices” course, and this guy is your professor.  Unfortunately, you wasted $100 on a textbook entitled “Bigger Fish To Fry”.  Chapters one through twelve of the textbook suggest opening an all-you-can-eat-fish-fry and frying the biggest fish possible, the humpback whale.  Forget the fact you’re in jail for conspiring to fry an endangered species during a trip to Sea World Milwaukee, you also wasted $100 to be misinformed that a whale is a fish, when it’s really a mammal!

3.  You could be a first-year fish in a school in the Milwaukee River, frequently travelled by a River Cruise Boat featuring an All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry.  You have successfully navigated the river to avoid excess cooking oil being dumped in the river, pursuant to the restaurateur’s belief that this is a better business practice than legally disposing of it. You’ve avoided being the catch of the day, until Professor Plump boards the boat, demanding all the fish he can eat.  He’s already consumed 20 fish pieces and one picket sign, so the boat starts sinking and you have to rescue everyone on board.  Which you successfully do.  Unfortunately, since you rescued Professor Plump, he ultimately consumes the rest of your school, totally screwing your chances at getting a date to the Enchantment Under the Sea themed prom!

Photo source: NBC TMJ4 Screen Cap of Video of News Story.

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6 replies

  1. You gotta fight… for your right… to fish fry!


  2. Not even Jesus could provide enugh fish for this glutton, and he fed 5000****


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