George H.W. Bush Joins Rob Kardashian In World Of High Profile Socks

We recently wrote about Rob Ford selling bobble heads and other merch to raise money for his re-election campaign.

Well, looks like Republicans across the Canadian border took a page out of Rob Ford’s bobble head book,* as Business Insider reports you can now get a free pair of brightly striped George H.W. Bush socks for a not-free $35 donation.

From the article:

“…Bush wrote in the email. ‘Embroidered with the Republican elephant and my signature on them, they’re sure to get you noticed.'”

3 Places A Pair Of George H.W. Bush Socks Are Unlikely To Get You Noticed

1. You’re local 7-Eleven. They’re mostly on the look out for people with no shoes and no shirt, to decide who to deny service to. So unless you have tied your shoes around your shirtless biceps, chances are you will blend right in.

2. Sesame Street. We think the socks kind of look like Big Bird’s legs, which is ironic since former Republican Nominee Mitt Romney spoke against funding Big Bird before the last election.

3. The Kardashian household. Has anyone in this self-absorbed family shown support by wearing Rob Kardashian’s line of socks? Could they even identify those socks in plain sight? We’re guessing, under such circumstances, Kylie and Kendall Jenner will not notice socks autographed by a President presiding before they were born, even if the socks are worn by their father Bruce, who seems to have a hard time getting noticed by anyone in Keeping Up With The Kardashians.





*The book does not say much. Mostly features a head bobbling up and down. r

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