All Your Favorite HBO Shows Are Coming To Amazon Prime In 3 Years!

CNN reports that Amazon Prime will include, as part of a streaming subscription service, older HBO shows like the Sopranos and the Wire.

From the article:

“The seasons of ‘Girls,’ ‘The Newsroom’ and ‘Veep’ that are premiering this year won’t be available through Amazon Prime for approximately three years.”

Three Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Does this mean that Amazon Prime viewers will have to wait four years for the Newsroom episode about media-overspeculation about a missing airplane? Well, as long as audiences are interested in such stories for the next four consecutive years, they may want to watch something proving that point. (Although watching that kind of coverage for four consecutive years would also prove the point.)

2. Does this mean that by the time Amazon Prime viewers can watch the series finale of Girls, the show will have to change its name to the New Golden Girls?

3. With 1.6 million viewers watching a recent episode of Veep, does anyone really think anyone will care about this show in 3 years? Those are you-won’t-believe-what-a-cat-did YouTube video view numbers, and people can get those videos for free now.

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  1. I’m still catching up on Sex And The City’s season 2 from somewhere around 2000. I can definitely manage waiting three years for Veep.


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