Student Uses 500 Pounds Of Pennies To Pay Off Tuition

HLN reports that a 24-year old Oklahoma college student paid off the final $974 owing for his tuition with 500 pounds of pennies, allowing him to graduate debt fee.

3 Less Effective Ways To Pay Off Your College Tuition

1. $974 in gold bars that need to be surgically removed from your stomach. (See our entry yesterday about a man in India who swallowed multiple gold bars.) In the event Obamacare does not cover “intentionally swallowing gold bars to pay debts,” you might end up paying more than $974 in medical fees.

2. 500 pounds of British pounds. Worth about $840 U.S., you are totally short-changing your school. Unless you weighed the British currency, and provided 500 pounds of paper notes, in which case we question whether they should be giving you a college degree.

3. 500 pounds of clothing from Forever 21We’ll let the carnival age-and-weight guessers out there decide whether that amounts to $974 of quickly-disposable clothing or not. But we are certain any age-guesser worth their weight in salt and cheap jeans will guess you are older than 21, Mr. 24-year-old-graduate-who-likes-to-pay-for-things-in-pennies.

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  1. Think he’s been saving those since he was little to pay for college? 🙂


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