3 Alternate Titles We Suggest For Sarah Palin’s Reported Show “Rogue TV.”

Several days ago, we wrote about a report that Sarah Palin may launch her own channel tentatively titled “Rogue TV.”

Here are some alternate titles we suggest, inspired by the “author” of Going Rogue.

1. Joe Rogan TV. Since Sarah Palin’s show “Amazing America” on Sportsman channel features all kinds of dangerous-looking activities like car-racing, zip-lining, rodeo-riding, and listening to Sarah Palin, why not make a show even more amazing by making people eat spiders Fear Factor-style to try to win a prize? Note: they will not actually win the prize, but if they’re lucky, they can go on to a career as a news talking head, even though they have no experience reading newspapers.

2. Going Broke TV. This show will explain how the Obama administration is making America go broke, as evidenced by the economy not collapsing, and all-time stock market highs. Don’t worry, it will all make sense, because the reason Sarah Palin couldn’t name any newspapers was her mind was going blank, frustrated that nobody asked her to “Name your favorite economic journals.”

3. Going Seth Rogen TV. This narrated documentary will star Seth Rogen as a pothead, as an example of why it is important to continue the war on that drug (to discourage Seth Rogen from starring in more movies playing a pothead.)

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4 replies

  1. I also suggest “Rogaine TV”. This would be appropriate for those who feel like they want to pull out their hair after hearing another one of Sarah’s folksy wisdoms.


  2. “Grizzlies Gone Wild” – a tale of revenge for using their dead relatives as conservative bait


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