New York Stock Exchange And United Airlines Shut Down On Same Day Due To Tech Issues. Here’s A Conversation We Imagine Resulted!

Fox News reports that all United Airlines planes were temporarily grounded for a few hours today, followed by the New York Stock Exchange halting trading of all stocks listed there due to technical issues.  Oh, and the Wall Street Journal web site also reportedly has technical difficulties.

3 Things We Imagine Some People Are Saying About This

1. “Did you hear that United Airlines shut down today?”

2. “No, I didn’t hear that, I get all my news from the Wall Street Journal web site, which is broken. Anyway, I better go sell my shares of United Continental Holdings Inc.!”

3. “Good luck, they’re listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which has halted all stocks. You learn a lot watching Fox News while delayed at the airport.”

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  1. Haha! 😂 Very funny indeed!


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