Actor Who Played “McGruff The Crime Dog” Sentenced For Drug And Weapons Offences

QMI Agency reports that the actor who played 1980s PSA anti-crime cartoon star, McGruff the Crime Dog has been sentenced to 16 years in federal prison after police found blueprints of two indoor marijuana grow-ops in his car. A search of the farms lead to police finding two dozen weapons, including a grenade launcher.

Three Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Why are you so surprised? He was playing the “Crime Dog,” not “McFrancis, The Anti-Crime Hog-Signing Pope.”

2. Is that 16 years in prison or 16 dog years in prison? 16 human years in prison, although 16 cartoon dog years would have been worse, because that could be timeless. Just ask Dino from the Flinstones. Then ask yourself why you are asking a cartoon dinosaur questions about dogs.

3. “I’m a kid from the 1980s who totally didn’t turn to crime after seeing dogs in commercials in my middle class suburban house. Does this mean I should continue doing whatever cartoon dogs do and buy a grenade launcher?” No. Weren’t you reading carefully? The actor got sentenced for the weapons charge, not the cartoon dog. But if you do want to copy cartoon crime-fighting dogs, we wager Scooby-Doo costume manufacturers could use the business, and somebody has to shut down fake haunted houses, so get to work!

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