Vancouver Crack Pipe Vending Machines.

CTV reports that Vancouver has become the first place in Canada to offer crack pipe vending machines.

The machines offer safer crack-pipes for 25 cents, which it is hoped will reduce the spread of disease caused by cheaper crack-pipes chipping.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. How many stoner snowboarders just accidentally showed up to Vancouver because they thought the headline said “half-pipes” and they were vaguely certain that is where they were told to show up to compete in the Olympics? If this is you, please do not try a 1620 on a crack-pipe vending machine.

2. Will we ever see crack pipes in regular office lunchroom vending machines? Because if the crack pipe only gets pushed forward a little bit after being paid for, but does not fall to the bottom, anyone shaking the machine may risk breaking the crack pipes, defeating the purpose.

3. If we do see crack pipe vending machines in offices, can we wager on Toronto City Hall being a place where this may happen? Perhaps Mayor Rob Ford could solve any budgetary problems the City may have by installing these machines there.

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  1. If they put them next to the condom dispensers, they can have a health section in their vending display.



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