And The Best News Headline Of Today Is…

…from the Local (France’s News In English):

“Pope’s Harley fetches €241K at Paris auction”

The report indicates that the Pope is not thought to have ridden the autographed Harley, which was a gift from the manufacturer.

So now you know what to give as a gift to that guy who has everything, including God’s ear.

We can only imagine that gift exchange. “How did you know I’ve always wanted one of these? This is totally my style! No, there’s no need to give me a gift receipt to exchange this for other wonderful Harley-Davidson merchandise!”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Is there anything the Pope won’t autograph? If we learned one thing from 1980s glam rock videos, some women want various scantily-clad body parts autographed in magic marker. However, ladies from the 1980s, we don’t recommend you try this as the Pope will not accept that the marker is “magic” unless it meets rigid tests to prove it performed a miracle.

2. “What do you mean that the Pope doesn’t come with the Harley?” – Auction bidder who was hoping to have the Pope ride in a side car, forgiving all of his traffic violations.

3. “I got Angels driving around everywhere on enough motorcycles to auction off to this entire city. Why does nobody come to my auctions? Other than the fact they will melt for eternity?” – Satan.

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