Refrigerator Hacked!

CNBC reports that hackers have been attacking “smart” home appliances, including at least one refrigerator. Specifically, a hacked smart refrigerator was sending spam email.

Three Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Was there Spam in the refrigerator? If so, should anyone be surprised that delicious Spam may exclaim “Yes, Please!” when some computer code promises to send spam to everyone in the world?

Krazee Hot Dog

Oh great, someone hacked the fridge and made me pour ketchup on my head, again!

2. If you fall for an email scam sent to you from a refrigerator, does that make you less cool? Yes, unless it was your own fridge, and the door was open, in which case you could argue you were more “cool.” If you were a high school science teacher that finds lame puns funny.

3. “Does this mean that the three-week old pizza leftovers in my fridge are in danger of being hacked?” Just another reason not to eat that and risk getting a virus.

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  1. It’s hard enough to diet without the refrigerator sending out reminders – the cheesecake is now 1 day old, 2 days old, etc.


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