Canada: Not Talking Like Hosers Any More

The National Post reports that use of the word “eh,” is down among young and urban people in Canada! That’s why you don’t hear the word used in Justin Bieber songs, or when he is allegedly leaving a brothel!

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. If the word “eh” disappears completely from the English language, how am I going to make a classic eh/hi move for a seemingly unfair high amount of points for using one letter in Words With Friends? Perhaps they will finally add “meh” to the dictionary, but given “doh,” isn’t there yet, we wouldn’t hold our breath on any Simpsons inspired language displacing “eh” or the on-trend Greek alphabet.

2. Will American comedians still impersonate Canadians using the word “eh,” after every sentence? Sooorrry, Canadians, the answer is: that depends if the Americans are getting free poutine from the Tim Hortons in time for Hockey Night In Canada, eh? They won’t be getting that? Then the answer is “yes.”

3. What would be a good replacement word for “eh” for Canadians? Replacing a word that doesn’t really mean anything could be tricky. Perhaps, Canada can think of something Canadian, yet meaningless. In which case any Avril Lavigne lyrics will do. We’ll choose “boi” from the song Sk8r Boi, boi!

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  1. Can always look to your blog for a good read on the lighter side of the news! Hope the holidays have been good for you and may the New Year be a better one!


  2. I really hope that they aren’t being replaced with the American ‘hunh’


  3. The U.P. here in Michigan uses “eh” too, so it’ll probably be around for awhile.


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