Room Service For Mary Smith!

Five Thirty Eight reports that Chelsea Clinton, who checks into hotels under the name “Diane Reynolds” could have picked a more common name. Specifically, the authors argue that there are approximately 8 Chelsea Clintons in America; 279 Diane Reynolds; and 19,800 Mary Smiths.

The article suggests that statistically “Mary Smith” would have been a better alias.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Statistically speaking, why would anyone want to use the most common name as an alias when they check into a hotel? We’re certain Ms. Clinton would not have appreciated surprise hotel room visits to the wrong Mary Smith from Mr. Smith at a hotel hosting a Will Smith Lookalike Convention.

2. Is your name Diane Reynolds? Then check your HHonors and Starpoints accounts immediately! You might have millions of unexpected points and get extra-special treatment at hotels in Washington, D.C.

3. Now that the whole world knows that Chelsea Clinton uses the alias Diane Reynolds at hotels, what new creative name will she choose as an alias? We suggest “Elizabeth Warren” so that when the name is exposed in the media in the future Ms. Warren gets more media attention for her ideas than Chelsea Clinton gets for her alias choices.

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