Adam Carolla In Aresenio Hall’s Dawgpound After Celebrity Apprentice Video

On last night’s episode of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, the final two celebrities were chosen by Donald Trump to compete head to head for their charities in the finale:  Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall.  As part of the final task, the contestants had to make a video promoting their charity.  In Arsenio’s case, that charity was the Magic Johnson Foundation.

The celebrities, as usual, were allowed to pick from previously fired celebrities to aid them in their task.  And Arsenio bafflingly chose Adam Carolla, a comedian who had been eliminated early from the competition by Trump.  But Carolla demonstrated his true comedic skills when he directed some techie buddies of his to produce a video of Magic describing the foundation, which would be shot in LA, and delivered to NYC electronically.  Unfortunately, by the time the video arrived, for reasons that seem inexplicable to all involved in LA, it contained a side-profile view of Magic describing the foundation, not facing the camera.

How did this happen?  Carolla’s buddies confused the idea that Johnson was supposed to catch a basketball from the left side with meaning, “shoot the entire thing from the left side.”  That’s bad news for Arsenio Hall and the charity he’s playing for, but could it be worse?  Of Course!

3 Worse Things Than Adam Carolla Screwing Up Your Celebrity Apprentice Video

1.  Adam Carolla could have been the first choice to direct live concert video footage of the song Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) on the NKOTBSB tour and inadvertently instructed his pals to shoot the entire thing from behind the stage because of confusion of repeated use of the word “back” by the Backstreet Boys.  (Because the people Carolla deals with obviously take everything literally, which is probably a bad sign for a comedian’s entourage, since it’s so easy to miss out on “jokes” when people take everything you say literally!)

2. Being a celebrity on a reality show, where a team is being picked, elementary school-gym-class style, and losing out to #1 pick Adam Carolla!  Whoops, this actually happened to 9 people on last night’s episode.  Okay, there is something still worse: you could be a comedian named Carrot Top, spending your Sunday watching NBC, thinking, “That could have been me! Because I’m a better comedian.  If I had reinvigorated my career on this show, people would stop asking me to autograph their snowboards because they think I’m Shaun White.”  Hey, Carrot Top, maybe if you didn’t have so many props at your show, including snowboards, you wouldn’t be in this mess.

3.  You could be competing against Aresenio Hall on a reality show, see this mistake get made, and still finish in second place.  Then you would have finished second on the most popular reality show American Idol and then years later finished second on a much less popular reality show than even 2012 Idol, called the Celebrity Apprentice.  With a simple re-shoot of Magic’s work, or some editing out of most of what he said, this could happen to you, Clay Aiken.  Which would cause 1990s Arsenio Hall to say, “You know who those people over there are: people who have been runner-ups in multiple reality shows!”  Then the camera would pan to a bunch of empty seats, Clay Aiken and Colby from Survivor (who would be escorted out of the studio by Adam Carolla’s pals who take everything literally, for not technically being a two-time runner-up).

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