We’re Going To Call It “Old Jersey” Until You Can Buy New Electric Cars There.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Tesla will stop selling its electric cars in New Jersey on April 1, after the state refused to allow Tesla to sell cars directly to consumers.  This is because in New Jersey, you must buy a car through a franchised dealership.

So celebrate your right to haggle with a car salesperson, who will give you the best value for your trade-in. And don’t let anyone tell you that a free, optional cassette player for your future new car isn’t a fair trade for your 1990 Honda Civic. Especially if it includes an audio-cassette of Adam Smith’s the Wealth Of Nations!

Three Slogans We Propose For New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

1. “New Jersey: Where You Can Still Buy A Car Like It’s 2008. Because The Car Companies That Required Bailouts Then Had The Best Sales and Distribution System.

2. “Hey, New Jerseyans, You Are Not Allowed To Buy Tesla Cars Here, But Maybe You Can Drive Across The George Washington Bridge and Buy One In New York, If We Aren’t Conducting A ‘Traffic Study’ That Day.”

"You did not get an 'A' on your traffic study!"

“You did not get an ‘A’ on your traffic study!”

3. “New Jersey: We Are Really Good At Traffic Studies. Why Else Would We Think Forcing People To Drive Out-Of-State To Buy Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles Is A Really Good Idea? Did We Get An ‘A’ On Our Traffic Study, Teach?”

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  1. Maybe they can set up a website to buy the cars – call it dealer.com


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