Drunk Man Drives Along Train Tracks, Calls Police Saying He Is Lost

The Local reports that an intoxicated man driving in southwestern France phoned the police to let them know he was lost. At the time he had driven approximately two kilometres along train tracks, luckily without any train collision.

3 Other Bad Places To Drive Your Car That Is Not A Train

1. Into a liquor store. Even if it was a sober “accident,” who is going to believe you were sober when you are covered in gin leaking through your sunroof?

2. In circles around Paris. (We are referring to a taxi ride to the Eiffel tower where the cab seemed to get farther away from the easily visible tower as the meter ran up… but that’s what happens when you go to a tourist attraction and don’t ask to go there en Français)

3. “The Fast Way” from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to the Las Vegas strip. (While we are making fun of opportunistic cab drivers, we wanted to take the opportunity to tell you if a cab driver offers this, your car may be moving fast on a very long route through the desert wondering why you didn’t just walk to your hotel, which might be next door neighbours with the airport.)

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  1. Every once in awhile, we have someone drive a car out onto a frozen lake that isn’t really frozen.


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