3 Things We’d Like To See Fast Food Restaurants Scrap

Earlier this week we wrote about a report that a McDonald’s employee web site suggested some fast food may be unhealthy.

CNN reports that McDonald’s has scrapped the site. Here are 3 things we’d like to see fast food restaurants consider scrapping…

1. “Value” menus. If you find yourself asking “Just what is good value for chicken by-products in a cheesy corn chip taco shell?” you may want to consider whether “food” that costs less than a dollar is of any nutritional value.

2. Junk mailings of coupons where “2 can dine for $9.99.” Fellows, this is never a good idea for any date. Just because two people can do something does not mean they should. For example, the red head Wendy’s mascot may be able to have a baby with the Arby’s hat, but that doesn’t mean they should.

3. Vegetarian items that suck. We don’t know if one Californian fast food burger chain was joking when they served an off menu “veggie burger” that was really just a bun with lettuce, tomato, and an onion on it. But there are just so many chicken by-products in a world with limited resources, so maybe it’s time to give the plants a chance to be mystery by-products. Or at least stop mailing them with “two can dine”‘coupons printed on them…

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4 replies

  1. You better not be dissin’ on In-N-Out. The vegetarian burger may not be their pinnacle of success but their animal fries are out of this world.


  2. Haha the Vegan friend of this blog who went to In-N-Out actually ordered a bun with lettuce and tomatoes on it. Their employee asked if they would like the veggie burger instead. The vegan said yes. Then they brought a bun with lettuce and tomatoes, so we did not know if that was a joke, but the Vegan did get what they initially requested.


  3. #2 is just disturbing. Couldn’t she have a baby with Mayor McCheese or something?


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