3 Things We’d Like To Magically Adjust In Hotels

Business Insider reports that by making some secret adjustments to a hotel thermostat, you can get it to display “VIP” and set it to whatever temperature you want. Here are 3 things we’d like to adjust:

1. Block the hotel invoice that whisks at high speed under your door at 4:00 a.m. the night before you check out. The good news is that you can now save seconds checking out by reviewing your bill in advance. The bad news is you may not take seconds to fall back asleep. The worse news is that if you sleep through this, and charged soft-core erotic movies to your room while your adult teenage kid was at the pool and they wake up and see the bill, this will be more embarrassing than talk about your snoring in the morning.

2. Send the people who want turnover service to another planet. Seriously, you need someone to kinda tuck you in as an adult? Because of these people, business people at business hotels everywhere are interrupted by maids asking if they want turn over service, when all they want to do is quietly enjoy a movie while their adult teenage kid is by the pool.

3. Send the copies of USA Today and the New York Times in front of your door into the past to be reconverted into trees. While it’s always fun to see these piles of paper you didn’t read are added to the bill because you didn’t opt out on check in, who is reading newspapers on vacation, in a room with cable news, the internet, and an interesting invoice of all of the movies their father watched while they were by the pool?

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