She’s “Sexy” But Does A Judge Know It?

The Columbus Dispatch reports that an Ohio woman named “Sheila” will stand in front of a Licking County judge to try to change her first name to “Sexy”. Her last name is “Crabtree.”

The woman does say she wears Victoria’s Secret clothes all the time, to somehow justify this decision.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. If you’re in a place called “Licking” County, can you really say that the name “Sexy” is inappropriate? Especially if the judge keeps licking his gavel.

2. If you’re wearing Victoria’s Secret clothing all the time, wouldn’t “Victoria” be a more suitable name to show your brand loyalty? Trick question! Victoria wouldn’t really have a “secret” if her real name was “Victoria” and not the more mysterious “Sexy Crabtree.”

3. Just what line of business are you in that you are wearing Victoria’s Secret clothing all the time? We can think of one business where wearing such apparel all a.k.a. most-of-the-time-one-is-not-on-stage, where “Sexy” would be a perfect name for marketing purposes.

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  1. won’t that be a little embarrassing later in life in the retirement home?


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