3 Silliest Headlines On CNN.Com Right Now

3. Topless Kim K shocks in Kanye vid. Shocking for someone who became famous for being in a leaked sex tape with a songwriter and record producer to appear in a music video? We doubt it. Now a semi-nude Rob Kardashian modelling socks would be shocking. Or “socking.” Ahem, our last comment proves there’s a reason socks are hard to sell.

2. Do twins realize that they’ve been born? Although the video seems to be about baby twins, where we would expect the answer to fairly be “no,” this headline would be funnier if we were talking about Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen after a night partying in LA.

1. Is Kmart holiday ad too racy? If you think men jingling their junk in a Kmart ad playing Jingle Bells is too racy, well, then you might just find flashing blue lights demanding “Attention Kmart shoppers” too racy, but you probably think that means you have to race to the light to get a free prize, and don’t really know what racy means. Unless a topless Kim K is at the end of the blue light dancing, since Kmart is owned by purveyor of Karadashian goods, Sears. Either way, you probably should never look at an Abercrombie & Fitch ad.

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4 replies

  1. Kmart’s pretty boring. Maybe they started the idea that it’s too racy to see if people will come into the store to see if the guys are real.


  2. I didn’t know K-Mart was still around. Sadly, I wish I could say the same for the Kardashians.


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