Maybe This Is Why Cavepeople Didn’t Have Breakfast Burritos reports that multiple experts believe that breakfast is not as important as once believed.

According to these experts, studies paid for by cereal and bacon companies over the years suggested that the meal was very important. One of these experts suggests that eating healthy food when you are actually hungry is the right way to eat food, regardless of time of day.

As we’ve been helping companies with slogans over the past week, we thought we’d help breakfast out. So here are:

3 New Slogans We Propose For Breakfast

1. “There is only one time to eat a breakfast burrito. That’s why it’s not called an ‘Early Evening Primrose Burrito.’ That and the ingredients.”

2. “Breakfast: It’s Not A Waste Of Time If You Get A Twenty Cent Toy In The Box.”

3. “Breakfast. If slogans could SHOUT AT YOU, we would be waking you up to give us a try every weekend morning. Since slogans can’t shout, can you early birds please play Brian Adams’ ‘Waking Up the Neighbors’ every morning at 6 a.m.? Thanks.”

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  1. Breakfast: The most important meal of the day for the cereal makers.

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