Do Not Write Your Social Insurance Number In The Comments Section Below!

In an article about avoiding scams and identity theft, USA Today reports that 29% of people carry their social insurance cards in their wallet or purse.

Three Worse Places To Keep Your Social Insurance Number

1. Tattooed on your body. If you choose a private spot for the tattoo, this could make things awkward at your next job interview unless you’re applying to be a stripper at Boring Numbers Gentlemens’ And Chartered Accountants’ Club.

2. Written on the back of your bank card (next to the PIN Number you keep forgetting). “If you can’t remember four numbers, you probably can’t remember when your bank balance declines by four numbers,” crafty thieves might think as they withdraw four-digit sums every day until you account goes into overdraft.

3. On Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook! Sure that’s social, but we suspect you don’t really get what “social insurance” means, if you’re ensuring you don’t forget the number by posting it on every social media site!

Not The Worst News: The only place for insurance and accounting jokes that matter.

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  1. A driver’s license is also a very popular place to keep an SS number (as a license number). That way, if a thief steals your license, he would also be able to get a car by getting a loan in your name.


  2. Is it ok to write it on my hand in case I need it?


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