Man’s 10-Inch Unit Causes Problems With Airport Security, Embarrassing Himself, Airport Security, And Less Endowed Male News Readers

As our week of entries inspired by our readers continues, our next entry is inspired by blogger ListOfX, who submitted a CBS News link on our message board about a man who had trouble getting through airport security in San Francisco, because security screeners were suspicious that his “World Record” sized, 10-inch penis was some sort of other suspicious package he was trying to hide in his pants.

Despite going through a metal detector and body scanner, the man was still delayed for two hours for additional screening and frisking before he could catch his flight!

“Why, why, why did this have to happen in San Francisco?” asked a fan of original-jokes-that-don’t-perpetuate-stereotypes, “Now Jimmy Fallon is going to be all over this two-hour-world’s-largest-penis-frisking-at-SFO incident!”

“I have the same problem at aiports, which is why we always travel by train!”

Thanks, Listomania, for apprising us of this situation, and also for continuing to write funny lists on your blog, which we recommend to our readers. And for the well-endowed man, as inconvenient as your visit to the airport may have been, remember it could be worse. Here are:

3 More Embarrassing Things That Can Happen To A Well-Endowed Man At The Airport

1. He could be told that he has to buy another seat for his 10-inch unit. Airlines make overweight people do this all the time! In addition to the embarrassment, he’d be out the price of two tickets, and you know that last-minute second ticket is going to be really expensive!

2. He could be told that he has to buy another seat for his 10-inch unit, but the only seat available is in first class. This could make for an uncomfortable flight as he has to sit sprawled out between two classes of seats, with the curtain between cabins dangling in his face, so that he can’t even see the inflight movie, Boogie Nights.

3.Β The airline could confuse him with a horse, and force him to fly in the baggage stowage area with all the other tranquilized horses. In addition to the uncomfortable flight, it may be embarrassing to learn that the horses and other animals are better endowed than him, and also enjoying the flight more because they’re tranquilized. If you think it’s bad when a sleepy stranger falls asleep on your shoulder on an airplane, you don’t even want to imagine what it’s like when a tranquilized, well-endowed horse falls asleep on top of you.

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  1. Reblogged this on mrguypants and commented:
    Some guys have all the lucky problems.


  2. I never get tired of hearing about this story πŸ™‚


  3. Thank you for plugging my blog! You didn’t really have to do that, and here’s why – I have to search the internet pretty much weekly for a radio show discussing exactly the kind of weird/crazy/funny news stories you commonly feature on your blog. Your blog has already pointed me to many such stories, and I am simply returning the favor. If you are interested, I can simply copy you on my weekly list of such stories which I already send to another blogger. I would need your e-mail, though.


  4. Lmao, why didn’t they call me to help with this screening? πŸ˜‰


  5. what did the stewardesses have to say about it? πŸ™‚


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