You’re “Dumb” Wig Is About To Become Obsolete!

CNN Money reports that Sony has filed for a patent for a “SmartWig,” which reportedly will use sensors to monitor things such as blood pressure and brain waves.

3 Things We Might Expect A SmartWig To Say

1. “Your blood pressure is way too high. In part because you mistakenly are wearing a SmartSquid on your head! That’s what you get for buying cheap generic knock-offs!”

2. “You can put me in any crazy style, and whatever you do will become front page news, Miley! I now regret saying that now that you have turned your smart wig into two phallic mouse ears.”

3. “If you had been wearing me when you invented this, I would never have told you this is the best idea since the Blu-Ray! Now go invent time travel so we can make the Walkman popular again!”

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3 replies

  1. As I prepare for Thanksgiving, I am grateful for blogging friends like you that keep me coming back, laughing along the way. Have a blessed holiday season!


  2. I was disappointed when I saw that the SmartWig was referring to itself, not to what it could do for its wearer.


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