Incomplete Pass Of Football Stuffed With Heroin Doesn’t Fool Prison Guards

Reuters reports that a Michigan man has been accused of attempting to throw a normal-looking football stuffed with heroin, cell phones, and cell phone chargers into a prison.

3 Worse Things To Throw Into Prison Stuffed Into A Football

1. A soccer ball, with a note: “This is what a real football looks like you, jerk guards. Or at least it was until it deflated in the NFL-style football next to all of the heroin syringe needles, just like Spain’s hopes of winning the World Cup again deflated”

2. Yesterday’s post from this web site. Who doesn’t love baseball card references? Apparently you!

3. Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust pizza. If there’s pepperoni in there, you’ve stuffed pigskin into a pigskin – how needlessly excessive!

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