Asteroid May Hit Earth In 19 Years – How Will This Impact The Kardashians?

CNN reports that a massive astroid is believed by NASA to have a 1 in 63,000 chance of hitting earth in 19 years.

3 Fun Facts Related To This Story

1. If it hits and wipes out the planet, there goes your shot at reaching legal drinking age, North West. Since we assume you will be a law abiding citizen, that will mean you will have wasted too many years listening to your father’s song “Hold My Liquor” in hopes of learning valuable lessons.

2. If that happens, thousands of other kids who are named “North” because their parents are big Kardashian fans will also be disappointed. Although mainly because they won’t get to finish school and leave for the real world, where people are less likely to make fun of their name.

3. If the asteroid hits Canada’s Northwest Territories, that will just be adding insult to injury to 2032 North West, because if North West had known the world was going to end, she could have avoided this whole too-young-to-drink-in-America dilemma by moving to the Northwest Territories years early, where the legal drinking age is only 19. And if your name is North West, they really should just give you a passport to the place – it’s not like it’s suffering from any overpopulation problem.

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  1. Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my questions are answered!


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