Man Goes From Billionaire To Millionaire… And You Were Mad You Lost Your Smart Phone.

Yahoo Finance reports that since April of last year, a Brazilian man has seen his net worth fall from $34.5 billion to $200 million.

3 Worse Things Than Losing Billions Of Dollars

1. $34.3 billion dollars in cars. Just imagine having to listen to two stoners ask “Dude, where’s my 1.36 million cars?”

2. A $49.5 billion car-manufacturer bailout. We’re not talking about the debate of whether it was good or not for the government to bail out automakers. We’re just saying it would have sucked if someone lost the suitcases of cash we presume all government bailouts are delivered in, because that delivery boy would totally be fired.

3. Your pizza. Now that the delivery boy in item #2 has shown unreliability, forget about getting your pizza for free in 30 minutes or ever. Which is especially unfortunate if you are one of two hungry stoners asking each other for hours where the cars are.

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