Allegedly Drunk Man Swims From Canada To Detroit… At Night… We Only Wish Someone Asked Him If He “Had Anything To Declare” At The Border!

The Windsor Star reports a man was charged with public intoxication after swimming across the Detroit River to Detroit late Monday evening and trying to swim back to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Apparently he didn’t swim to a border crossing, where he could have declared his plan was “a bad idea.”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. The man was able to swim across the Detroit River, not get mugged, and start to return – doesn’t his ability to do all this indicate he may not have been intoxicated? Bad at choosing travel destinations and methods, perhaps, but publicly intoxicated?

2. If someone swam to the Detroit side at night, would it even be possible to be publicly intoxicated? Don’t you need people around to be in public?

3. If some copycat swims to Detroit and gets fined thousands of dollars, pays thousands in legal fees, and declares bankruptcy, would that be ironic, or just a sign, that as they say, there must be something in the water there!

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