If You Drink, Don’t Drive… And That Includes To Your Drunk Driving Court Appearance!

The London Free Press reports that a 54 year-old man from London, Ontario, Canada was arrested for alleged drunk driving while driving to the Court house to appear on drunk driving charges.

3 Other Bad Examples Of How Not To Show Up For Court

1. Wearing no pants on a public indecent exposure charge! It does not matter that your underwear has “innocent” written on it. And it certainly doesn’t help if you’re singing Britney Spears’ Oops I Did It Again, especially the lyrics “I’m not that innocent.”

2. Wearing a car as your pants while on a combined drunk driving/saggy pants charge. As we recently wrote, wearing sagging pants is illegal in a town in Georgia! Also, the fact that you are wearing your car as your pants, suggests you may be intoxicated. If you think about it, did the name of your 1964 Jeep Willys Wagon not seem like a poor name for high-waisted jeans?

3. Using magic to appear out of nowhere in the courtroom in a cloud of smoke on a witchery charge (applies only in 1600s, but you already knew that since you were able to magically transport yourself to the 1600s).

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