Woman Loses Winning Lottery Ticket, Surveillance Video Helps Lottery Officials Track Her Down

CNN reports that a woman from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada bought a lottery ticket and lost it, unaware that it was worth about $50 million. Fortunately for her, surveillance cameras in a convenience store captured the purchase, and lottery ticket officials showed up at the door to tell her she won, and would receive the winnings, despite not knowing where the ticket was.

We also don’t know where this woman’s ticket is, but since losing lottery tickets seems to be pretty common, here are:

3 Bad Places To Store Lottery Tickets

1. Trash can outside the convenience store. (after using lottery ticket as substitute napkin to microwave convenience store hot dog.)

2. Inside Advent calendars. If you put a lottery ticket in the slot for December 25, for safekeeping, you are totally going to forget to look in the calendar until next year, when even if the ticket has not expired, you may have a hard time cashing it in on a holiday.

3. The same place you intend to store the millions of dollars you just won on a lottery ticket that you lost.

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  1. If that were in the U.S., the follow-up would be that she is wanted for embezzlement and the government found her because of the surveillance.


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