Breaking: Anderson Cooper Showing Wear Moderators Will Sit In Tomorrow’s GOP Debate!

Anderson Cooper just did a segment showing where specific CNN reporters will be sitting at tomorrow night’s GOP debate.

3 Reasons CNN must think this is “news.”

  1. Everyone wants to know where Dana Bash is going to sit.  By, everyone, we mean “no-one” except stoned Dane Cook fans who misheard that.*
  2. Gotta show something as a clock ticks down to Donald Trump standing on a decommissioned aircraft carrier.
  3. People who confuse Dana Bash with Jake Tapper will be prepared if there is a quiz.**

*They also mishear “unfunny ramblings” as being “hilarious jokes.”

**There will not be a quiz.  But there will be Donald Trump on an Aircraft Carrier or some other boat any moment now.

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  1. No matter who gets a seat, Kanye is still going to say it’s not fair.

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