We’re Still Waiting For Stuffed-Crust Cheesy Burritos From A Certain Fast Food Chain.

ABC News reports that a new United Nations report indicates that Mexico has passed the United States in obesity rates, with 32.8% of the adult population for Mexico vs. 31.8% for the United States.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Is this a victory worthy of celebration in New York City with a 32 ounce soda at a Tex/Mex restaurant? Answer: make that 31.8 or 32.8 ounces depending on your favorite country.

2. Did nobody in either country take the Taco Bell “Run For The Border” slogan literally? We take all slogans literally unless a little disclaimer in small print says stuff like “Do not run for the border in high heat conditions, or without your passport.”

3. If people did take the Run for the Border slogan literally, does that mean obese Americans literally ran into Mexico, raising the obesity rate there?
Or did they run into Canada and Russia, which can apparently be viewed from Alaska? We hear running to Russia and living in the airport for weeks may be popular, but we question the nutritional value of eating airport food that long! Especially if it’s the food at a certain gate at La Guardia which seems like 50 layers of plastic wrap and three layers of lettuce-sandwich.

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