If You Need Yelp To Help You Identify Hipsters, Head To The Nearest Black Keys Concert Immediately.

The Huffington Post reports that Yelp is now making it easier to find hipster zones in major cities, mapping out major hipster territories. Under the Williamsburg Bridge in NYC, who knew? Yelp can also help you find key words like “sketchy,” “Yuppie,” and “dim sum.” Remember, Yuppie standards of sketchy dim sum may be different than hipster standards.

Anyway, as hipsterdom becomes increasingly mainstream, likely agitating the originators of this group, especially as soon all of urban America will be one red hipster blob on Yelp maps, here are:

3 Other Search Phrases We’d Like To See Mapped On Yelp

1. “I’m in the mood for a new American-built car. Where’s a good spot to have my current car stolen in Detroit, so that I may pick up my new car at the factory nearby?”

2. “Where are all the Keek users in America? Because we swear there are millions of them. You just wouldn’t know it by yesterday’s cricket chirping on this web site following multiple Keek references!”

3. “I’m still here in Detroit, waiting for someone to steal my car, typing on my 128GB  iPhone 5 on Yelp. Where should I avoid conspicuously typing on Yelp to avoid someone stealing my iPhone?”

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