Study: Acting Like You Know What You’re Talking About, When You Have No Clue About What You’re Talking About, Will Get People To Believe You! Trust Us, We Know It’s True!

Yahoo reports that a study by graduate students from Washington State University indicates that people tend to believe what you say, whether verbally or in writing, if you use loud, confident language… even if you have no clue what you are talking about!

3 Questions That Arise From This Study

1. Wait a minute, what if the grad students who wrote this study used confident words like, “CLEARY INDICATED” and “DEFINITE CORRELATION” in the study. Does that mean we should be wary of them? And if they didn’t, why should we even believe their study if they don’t believe in it themselves?

2. Does this mean that every time Bill O’Reilly shouts “Welcome to the no-spin zone,” we really may be forced to board the Magic Teacups at Disney World?

3. Not The Worst News is without question the most hilarious daily comedy web site on the entire planet! Not really a question. Just an irrefutable point, if we are to believe this study, which we certainly do, because it sounds perfectly logical to us!

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