Zombie Apocalypse Might Not Stop You From Driving Your Electric Car!

Investor’s Business Daily reports that Tesla Motors, maker of electric cars, has been building “supercharge” stations which can or will use solar power to charge Tesla vehicles in about 20 minutes.

How awesome is that? This awesome, according to the article:

“With grid storage, some solar Supercharger stations already allow use whether the sun is shining or not — and, [Tesla CEO Elon] Musk says, whether or not the nation’s electric grids are actually operating.

So even if there’s some zombie apocalypse, you’ll still be able to travel across the country using the Tesla Supercharger system,” Musk said on the call.

3 Questions That Arise From The Above Statement

1. Yeah, but, who is going to defend car owners from the zombies in the 20 minutes it takes to recharge their vehicles? (We hope the answer is solar-powered robotic zombie-killers).

2. Since Elon Musk is also CEO of space travel company SpaceX, does he know something we don’t about an imminent zombie apocalypse? We’ll be watching very carefully if he leaves the planet!

3. Doesn’t this mean that environmentally-aware zombies will also be able to travel across the country, transforming a mere zombie outbreak in Milwaukee (where according to movies Zombie apocalypses are prone to break out) to a full-on zombie apocalypse? Suddenly, this spaceship-building idea is making even more sense!

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